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Dodge Viper Ceramic Coating Oakville Paint Correction


Ceramic coating is a finishing product that bonds to the surface at a molecular level, creating a smooth and hydrophobic surface that is resistant to contamination. We are partnered with The Last Detail Auto Care, IGL Certified installer, to offer in house paint correction and ceramic coating applications for paint as well as over top of wraps and PPF. 

Key Benefits


Easy cleaning, hydrophobic

Similar to traditional automotive wax, ceramic coating will repel water and make washing your vehicle effortless. However, it is much more durable and can last for years when taken care of properly before requiring a reapplication. You may also notice your vehicle staying cleaner for longer, meaning more time in between washes and shorter washing time.


Protection from UV

Adding a protective barrier over top of the clearcoat, wrap or ppf, reduces the amount of harmful UV rays against your cars finish. Preventing oxidation, fading, and dullness to the paint. Additionally, if your vehicle is wrapped it can extend the life of the wrap by helping maintain that new look and the top-coat of the material from fading.


High gloss finish

The most important part of the ceramic coating process is the paint correction. This is the polishing stage that reduces all scratches, swirls , holograms, etc; creating a mirror like-high gloss finish. Polishing is also the most time consuming and labour intensive part of the process. The ceramic coating seals in the finish, adding depth and longevity to the polishing work.  


Protection from stains

Chemical stains from acidic contaminants in the air, rain, bird droppings, sap, leaves and other debris if left on your vehicle can get etched into the clearcoat, possibly causing permanent damage. Ceramic coating acts as a sacrificial layer and barrier from the elements.

Porsche Ceramic Coating Oakville Paint Correction PPF


Starting at


ie. Tesla 3, Porsche 911, Ford Mustang

Ford F250 Lifted Ceramic Coating Oakville


Starting at


ie. Tesla X, Ford F150, Dodge Ram

Applying Ceramic Coating Vehicle Oakville


Starting at

$599 Over Full Wrap

$89 Windshield Coating

$299 Wheel Barrels/Calipers

$299 Interior Leather/Carpets

Ford Mustang Ceramic Coating Oakville Paint Correction
Porsche Ceramic Coating Oakville Paint Correction
Ford Ceramic Coating Oakville Paint Correction Before And After


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